Visa renewal and change

My name is Lee.
I’d like to work in Japan in the future.

My name is Lee.
I’d like to work in Japan in the future.

Ms. Lee, an international student, is eager to secure a job in Japan.
But how can we really land a job in this country?
Let’s listen to the conversation between Yamashita, a Japanese undergraduate, and Ms. Lee.


Hey! Long time no see! I will be graduating from college soon! Two years of studying in Japan seem to pass by very quickly.



Lee-san! It’s been a while! Have you settled where to work yet?



Yes! Actually, I’ve recently gotten a tentative offer from my desired company.



Congratulations!!! By the way, are you preparing for what you have to do before you start to work?



Is there anything to do in particular? I can’t think of anything…



You should not take it easy. Actually, there are a lot of things to learn about the dispositions of Japanese work culture, ethics and environment such as seniority system, which still continue to exist in most companies. Depending on the company you are going to work in, it is not rare that it takes more time than you expect to get equivalent salary or desired promotion even though you work hard to get qualifications or brush up relevant skills.



Gee, there are many things I don’t know about.



To make things worse, you should get used to Japanese polite expressions that even the Japanese themselves rack their brains at least once or twice.



Don’t make me cry!



It’s only natural that these things will make you worried at first. You can ask your friends to practice formal conversations. If you know any seniors who work in your desired company, you can ask your university to contact them as well.

Oh, I’ve forgotten the most important thing!



Oh! What is it?



You have to change your student visa to working visa! It seems wiser to consult with a professional to apply for the change on your behalf because you are going to be swamped with preparations to work for your new company. It is not only time-efficient but also gives you the security to pass such rigid screening. If you had any minor errors or incomplete documents, you would not pass the application.



You’re right! Japan is known for having a rigorous checking system.



Since students will get busier and busier in their preparation to enter a company, it will make it more difficult for them to apply for visa application due to time constraints.


For International Students in Japan

We support those who have already gotten a job or wish to to secure one in Japan.

If you would like to work in Japan, you must know that you have to change visas, and it takes a lot more time than you think and you have to go through a very tedious process.

Leaving such lengthy visa paper works to a professional is a smart choice.

There are many things to do before being formally employed besides the application for changing visas.
Proxy application will make your job hunting much smoother. No hassle for any paper work.

It is only right to change from study visa to working visa when you get a job or when your application is formally approved by your desired company, which is called 内定(ないてい) in Japanese.
Application can be submitted from the beginning of December. You should have the whole procedure done by graduation, so you can finish it by the first half of February at the latest (The screening normally takes a month to a month and a half).

In the event where you fail to get it done within 3 months after you graduate, you will not be able to stay in Japan. You also need to submit a job offer from the company you plan to work in as one of the requirements of the visa change application.

Also, I think there are a group of people who wish to do job hunting after graduation. It is also necessary for them to take the same procedures. If you do not have any problems regarding your stay in Japan and have got specific approval from your school for continuing job hunting, you need to apply for “designated activities”. By doing so, you will be allowed to stay in Japan for up to one year on condition that your visa should be renewed in 6 months.

Be aware that it is fairly difficult to pass the screening if you have worked more than 28 hours a week, or tax has been overdue or you have violated traffic laws when you possessed your student visa.

We at “Visa Assist Nagasaki” can make your stay in Japan more comfortable and ideal.

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us below regarding visa.
We also consult with Japanese people who have partners with different nationalities.

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