Permanent residence in Japan

Living in Japan is my dream!
But what are conditions on attaining permanent residency?

Living in Japan is my dream!
But what are conditions on attaining permanent residency?

Let’s listen to the conversation between Huang, a Chinese student who has been working in Japan for 5 years, and Ninomiya, his Japanese coworker.


It’s been almost ten years since I came to Japan. I’m getting used to my job and building relationships, and now, I’m starting to think about settling in the country. But how can I do that?



You mean you’d like to “永住” in Japanese, right? If you can get permanent residence, it will give you huge advantages.



What kind of advantages?



No need for troublesome visa renewals
No regulations on working, changing jobs and establishing companies
Able to apply for loans from banks with MORE ease
Able to apply for getting permanent visas for spouses and children
and so forth…


It’s so helpful as it’s extremely arduous to go all the way to renew a visa. It also lets us choose multiple options among various jobs and that makes our future brighter.



There’s a trick though. It is not difficult for those living in Japan to find that the screening is so thorough and definitely not easy to pass. Moreover, we have to prepare tons of documents and translate all of them to Japanese. There is no specific duration for this application unlike other regular ones.

That’s why it is more reasonable to leave it to a professional. If your application is incomplete, it will be difficult to obtain permanent residence.



That makes sense to me. I’d like to consult with a professional.
Are there any other conditions?



You need to live in Japan for more than 10 consecutive years in order to qualify. You will be OUT even if you have been outside Japan on business for more than 3 months.



Oops, that sounds harsh!!



Definitely. You also need to live in Japan for more than 5 years with your working visa or your resident visa. The period when you had a study visa can also be included.



That sounds very difficult!!



And if you have earned more than 3 million yen each year for 3 consecutive years, it is more preferable.



It is really hard to make it for people living in provinces. That means you have to earn 250 thousand yen per month, right? It is virtually impossible for housewives, isn’t it?



If you have dependents or children, you can take them into account as ONE household.



That’s quite a relief.



And the bottom line is whether your behavior in Japan is appropriate for Japanese society. For example, no violation on traffic law and immigration or no overdue payment like tax, pension, and national health insurance are all taken into account.



When in Rome, do as the Romans do, huh?



And many people MISunderstand that they don’t have to renew their “permanent” visas as the name suggests. But actually, they have to apply for renewal, and then if there’s no problem, the residence card will be returned within the day.



All right! I think I’m all in for a professional.


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