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My name is Guen from Vietnam.
I’m thinking seriously about working in Japan in the future.

My name is Guen from Vietnam.
I’m thinking seriously about working in Japan in the future.

In fact, what should we do to prepare to work in Japan?
And what should we have to pay more attention to?
Let us listen to the conversation with Guen and his friend Honda.


After graduating from university, I’m considering of working in Japan.


Is that so? Do you know what you must do in order to work in Japan?


I.. I have no idea!


Do you have a part-time job right now?


No, not yet. But I’d like to work in a convenience store to make my ends meet.


Actually there are a lot of people doing a part-time job to pay back their school loans or to get extra money. But you can only do so if you apply for a “permit to engage in activities other than those permitted under the status of residence previously granted” called 資格外活動許可 in Japanese. Otherwise, you will surely get arrested.


How do I do that?


You need to apply for permission to the Immigration Bureau.


Sounds complicated.


Even after you are granted permission, there are still some restrictions where you shall not work more than 28 hours a week and shall also not work more than 8 hours a day or more than 40 hours a week on school vacation.


☑Rules to obey when foreign students start to work part-time

・Apply for a permit (called 資格外活動許可) to the Immigration Bureau before starting work
・Work should not exceed more than 28 hours a week under the law
・More than 8 hours a day or more than 40 hours a week of work during school vacation is also not allowed under the law


Are there a certain number of people who don’t obey this rule? What would happen if they didn’t apply for the permit or worked over the permitted hours?


They would get serious consequences. They would be forced to stop studying and get expatriated. No room for job hunting anymore. In the first place, companies wouldn’t dare to employ people who have worked illegally when they were students. If they did, severe punishment will also fall upon the company.


I understand. So, we have to follow right procedures so as to save our precious future. Even so, some groups of people think it would be ok as long as it is not found.


That’s totally in vain because the Immigration Bureau will eventually find out. They share detailed personal information with other government agencies such as how much they have earned. The bureau is able to keep records of everyone’s working details.
Illegal actions will be revealed when students renew visas or obtain working visas or companies employ foreign people, which means you can’t do anything wrong.


☑What if you act against the law?

・Will lose the right to study in Japan, get deported and not be able to come back to Japan in 5 years
・Will not be able to work in Japan nor obtain visas
・Employers will also get punishment in which they are put in jail for 3 years or pay a fine of 3 million yen.


What if my visa has expired by accident? Is there no room to reclaim it?


In that case, it is best to go straight to the Immigration Bureau and inform them of your situation as soon as possible. You are required to explain in detail why you couldn’t apply for renewal before it expired. Then, all you have to do is wait for their judgement. You will sooner or later regret if you hide your identity and illegally stay in Japan.



A student visa is exclusive for students with foreign nationalities to be able to receive education in Japan. Primarily, students are not allowed to engage in any jobs during their study. But after receiving the permission called “資格外活動許可”, they are able to work under the condition of working within 28 hours. If they violated the law, they would not be able to study or work in Japan. It is smart to lead a fruitful life with proper knowledge; otherwise, reckless actions would ruin your whole plan. The number of visa over-stayers and illegal immigrants in Japan whose nationalities are Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese, has been escalating recently, which makes the Immigration Bureau more keen on crackdown. It is YOU who can contribute to making life in Japan better for foreign students and residents by viewing things on international standpoint and being responsible for your own action.

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